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Our lesson staff is a vital part of the success of our organization.  Lesson teachers teach students in middle school all the way through high school.  Feel free to contact any of them if you are interested in starting lessons or have a question.  Scholarship opportunities are available for qualified students.  Talk to your band director for an application.

Ji Hye Choi - Flute:


Katie Huan - Oboe:

Dr. Ross Duncan - Bassoon:

Dr. Micheal Dean - Clarinet:


Dr. Andre Acevedo - Saxophone:

Bill Klymus - Percussion:

Tony Valdez - Percussion:

Adam Miller - Trumpet:


Alena Ashenfarb - Trumpet:


Dr. Nick Hsueh - French Horn:

Steve Seibert - Trombone: 

Justin Weiss - Euphonium:


Keith Packman - Tuba:

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